72 Of The Best Ever Journal Prompts For Men

Journal prompts for men

Journal Prompts For Men - Enhance Your Journaling

Sometimes there is so much noise in our own minds, that a good idea will come and go long before we have had the chance to capture it, let alone act on it. This is where Journal Prompts for men come in. 

Everyday journals are a good way to increase your productivity, reduce stress and achieve your life goals.

That’s all well and good, but when you’re staring at a blank page, the dreaded writer’s block can stifle the most creative of minds.

This is where following journal prompts can help to get your mind firing, bringing you back on track.

So whether journaling prompts are for your first entry ever, or you have been journaling for years, these 72 Journal prompts for men will help you on your way to creating stellar journal entries and becoming the very best version of yourself.

Why Do You Keep A Journal?

By asking yourself this question, you can identify the main reason for keeping your journal and choose the journal writing prompts to benefit you the most.

There are many benefits of journaling, with improving your state of mind, better time management and processing difficult emotions being just a few of the important things in your life that can see the benefit.

Journal Prompts For Men
Journal Prompts For Men

You could even be keeping regular habit trackers to progress an existing or new habit.

This could be your eating and sleeping routines, or to improve physical fitness and create a new, positive habit. 

The Best Journal Prompts For Men

To help you find the best journal topics to suit your needs, we have broken these Journal prompts for men down into categories, each containing the next simple prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

If you read a prompt that you instantly feel a personal connection with, that would be a great prompt to write from. 

15 Journal Prompts For Daily Life

These Journal prompts for men are a powerful tool for journal entries every day, or if you are looking to make your entries part of a daily exercise.

They are a great way to get you off the mark with your daily journal, including as little or as much detail as you feel comfortable with. 

While some might feel a little obscure, prompts are the best way to build a daily routine around honest and constructive journal writing. 

Journal Prompts For Men
Journal Prompts For Men
  1. What is your favorite part of each day?
  2. Who  are your ultimate three dinner-party guests, dead or alive? Why?
  3. What are  the three most important things in your everyday life? Do you prioritize them?
  4. Where would  your ideal vacation destination be?
  5. Write about the last book you read and the most important thing you learnt by reading it. Why did you read it, and would you recommend it?
  6. Who would you take with you if you could only choose one person?
  7. What is your favorite hobby? Can you do more of it?
  8. What do you love about where you live? 
  9. List all of the places you have been in the world. What countries would you like to add to your list?
  10. What are the main things you do to make yourself  comfortable in a new environment? This could be socially or at work. 
  11. If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  12. Where do you get your daily news stories and current affairs updates from? Do they enhance or damage your daily productivity?
  13. Write a movie review for the last film you watched.
  14. Where do you want to go on your next road trip? And who with?
  15. How would having no internet connection for a whole week impact your life? Would it be positive or negative?

21 Journal Prompts To Achieve Your Life Goals

You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down.

The bullet journal method is all about productivity.

Shorthand sentences and indexing that allows you to enhance your planning, organization and ultimately achieve more of what you want to in life.

Seeing your goals on paper makes them real. And more importantly, gives you the lazer focus needed to make them come to life. 

These Journal Prompts for men are all about getting it done. 

Journal Prompts For Men
Journal Prompts For Men
  1. What do you still invest time in that no longer benefits you? 
  2. What is your personal definition of success? 
  3. How will you know when you have achieved success?
  4. What is the best business advice you have ever been given?
  5. If you could recommend just one inspirational quote to a colleague, to help them achieve their goals, what would it be?
  6. What parts of your daily routine might be holding you back?
  7. When was the last time you achieved one of your goals? What was the formula that made it possible?
  8. Write down what you want to have achieved in the next 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
  9. What is your most productive part of the day to work in?
  10. What are your 1, 3 and 5 year plans?
  11. How can you prevent yourself from procrastinating?
  12. If you only had 3 months to live, what is the ONE goal you would drive your time and energy into achieving?
  13. Write down your top 3 priorities in order to achieve success. 
  14. What does the phrase ‘championship routine’ mean to you? Do you have a productive routine in place?
  15. What daily routines could you put in place to create opportunities for success?
  16. Write about something you have never done, but really want to do? Why haven’t you done it?
  17. What 3 little things could you change in your daily routine to make a big impact on your motivation?
  18. What does the word ‘success’ mean to you?
  19. What would you need to achieve in order to feel like you could stop working towards something new?
  20. If you could create your very own personal mantra, what would it be and how would it help you to achieve your goals?
  21. Are there any habits you could remove from your life to make the most of each day? TV, social media, long phone calls.

23 Journal Prompts For Positive Mental Health

The best journal entries aren’t all sun and success. 

The way we really learn about our capabilities and truly grow, is by being completely honest with ourselves, through the good and bad.

This means looking at both the positives and negatives in our lives, what we have learnt from them and how we can find a positive outcome from our experiences. 

Widening our vision to see the good around us, puts us in the right place mentally to realize how fortunate we really are.

A positive mindset goes a long way, and a gratitude journal creates just that…

Journal Prompts For Men
Journal Prompts For Men
  1. What are you best at, and what do you love doing most, and how could you spend more time doing both?
  2. If you were unapologetically and truly yourself, day in and day out, and if you fully accepted and loved yourself, what would change for you moving forward?
  3. How does reflecting on the past add benefit to your life? How does it have a negative impact?
  4. What does love mean to you?
  5. Who is your best friend and what do they add to your life? 
  6. What was the best day of your life so far?
  7. Write about the last day you felt like you were on your ‘A-game’. Can you take any steps to engineer another day like that today?
  8. What would be the worst possible outcome if your greatest fear came true? Looking at your fears head-on can often make them fall away!
  9. What have you achieved in your life that you are the most proud of so far?
  10. What three attributes do you have as part of your personality that other people benefit from? This could be friends, family, or colleagues. 
  11. What does the term ‘growth mindset’ mean to you? How would it benefit your mental health?
  12. If you had a friend who felt low and was being negative about themselves, how would you build them back up? Can you do this with yourself too?
  13. What three things are you most grateful for in everyday life? 
  14. If your life was a book, how would you start a new chapter? What would happen in this chapter to make it positive  for the readers?
  15. Are you holding on to any grudges or negative emotions about people from your past that you would benefit from letting go of?
  16. How would your life change if you let go of these emotions long-term?
  17. What happens in your life that makes you instantly happy?
  18. What is the single biggest thing that causes you anger or upset in your own life? Can you limit this in any way?
  19. What do you love the most about your personality?
  20. Is there anything about yourself that you would change given the opportunity? 
  21. When have you had to step outside of your comfort zone in a situation? What did you learn about yourself? 
  22. Write down two practical ways that you could start the change you have listed above.
  23. Do the people closest to you know how much they mean to you?

13 Stream Of Consciousness Journal Prompts

  1. What three things, physical, emotional or otherwise, do you love most in the world?
  2. Is there anything in your life that you are avoiding? Emotions, conversations, decisions? 
  3. What advice do you wish you had been given five (or even ten) years ago? Is it still advice you would  benefit from to achieve the best life possible?
  4. What did you love to do when you were a kid that you no longer spend time doing? Is it something you could re-introduce into your life?
  5. Write about what your perfect day would look like? Add as much detail as you can.
  6. Is there anything you wish you could change about your past?
  7. What is one of your biggest regrets in life? How can you learn from it?
  8. Who is your strongest male role model?
  9. Who is your strongest female role model?
  10. What has been the biggest change in your life in the last two years?
  11. Write about a past event that has taught you to appreciate life.
  12. How would your family members describe you
  13. What would you class as your personal values?

Journal Prompts For Men - The Bottom Line

Hopefully, regardless of why you are keeping your Journal, you have found some journal prompts for men that will help get your Journaling habit underway. 

And remember, you can always come back to these 72 Journal prompts for men whenever you need some more inspiration.