How To Manifest Love – Using The Law Of Attraction (2023)

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Find The Love Of Your Life Using Manifestation

Are you trying to find love? Had your fill of heartbreak and now you want to find your dream partner? Well, we are going to show you exactly how to manifest love.

The law of attraction can certainly help you manifest love and take the first crucial step toward finding your true love.

This might seem like wishful thinking but there are a lot of people that swear to positive thoughts being the catalyst for positive change, turning fantasy into real life.

The theory behind this school of thought was presented to a worldwide audience in the 2006 self-help book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. 

In the book, Bryne writes about how life’s situations are a direct consequence of how people think and that good things come to those who want them, “ask, believe and you will receive,” in her words.

In this article, we’ll go deep into how you can use the law of attraction to help manifest the ideal relationship. Firstly, let’s have a look at why you may be struggling to find love.

Why You Are Having Trouble Finding Love

Oftentimes the route to finding our ideal partner is filled with twists and turns, unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as hitting the search bar and putting in what we want.

The route of a lot of the barriers we face come within our own mindset. 

You might find that the thoughts or experiences of a past relationship is holding you back or negative thoughts about yourself means that you lack the confidence to chase your dream person.

How to manifest Love
How To Manifest Love

It is easy for us to look at external factors and blame them for our own insecurities, justifying not taking action by blaming others or simply saying that we’re unlucky.

Instead what you need to do is take a closer look at how you approach the situation and what you could do differently. 

Harnessing positive energy and dispelling limiting beliefs about yourself is an important step towards improving your love life.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For Love

Ask yourself the following questions next time you feel that your quest for love is stacked against you. 

And remember to be honest with yourself when answering, avoiding the truth is certainly not going to help you manifest love.

1. Am I Shut Down Emotionally?

If you have been trying to find a romantic partner for a long time without success then it is only natural that after a while you’ll build up pretty thick skin to quickly scan and ditch unwanted attention.

Sometimes however this process can actually mean that you’re potentially turning down good things as a consequence.

Try to take each new situation as it comes, this will help you live in the present moment and stop you from making preconceived judgements.

2. Am I Still Living In The Past?

It is the most natural thing in the world to compare your current situation with your past, unfortunately where securing a lasting relationship is considered tantamount to failure.

It is hard to accomplish something good if you are still living in the past the entire time. 

The past is the past and it is important that you learn from it but also learn to let it go. The sooner you put this into practice, the easier it is going to be for you.

Your natural instinct will let you know if there are serious red flags in your new relationship and of course you will have the usual insecurities but it is important to live in the present tense.

3. Have I Lost Faith In Love?

One of the biggest differences between if you achieve the life of your dreams and if you don’t will be your mindset.

If you have lost faith in finding love, no matter how many times you go through the motions, you will never find it.

This can mean that you end up settling down with the wrong kind of person and being unhappy or worse, having a toxic relationship.

How To Manifest Love
How To Manifest Love

Attitude and mindset is everything.

I understand that if you are going through a difficult time then this won’t be easy but positive things happen when you banish negative energy. 

It may be hard to get rid of the thoughts of despair and surrender, but not impossible. 

Your future self will thank you for this when you are living the life of your dreams.

4. Am I Trying Too Hard?

So this is the exact opposite to the points above and you may not believe this but trying too hard can have a detrimental effect on the outcome. 

This is because trying too hard to achieve something focuses on the fact that you don’t have it and makes you feel desperate.

How To Manifest Love
How To Manifest Love

Desperation brings negative energy which will work against you. Instead, change tack and let it go. You will be surprised to find that suddenly you have what you were pursuing all this while.

This is particularly true in the quest for a healthy relationship. You become highly critical of yourself and your approach and you’ll internally start to beat yourself up about it. 

This will send negative vibes to those around you and drive them away. 

The moment you decide to go with the flow, and get on with life, love appears in your life out of the blue.

5 Ways The Law of Attraction Works

When you first start learning about manifestation techniques, it’s common to find yourself asking the question: does the Law of Attraction actually work? 

You may have been trying to attract things for a while with mixed results, so here are 5 ways to improve your success rate.

1. The Law Of Attraction Is Consistent

People use manifestation techniques in a number of ways, personally I’ve always found positive daily affirmations beneficial. The key word here is daily! 

Whichever method you choose to use, you must be consistent. Trying to catch a fish by putting your net in the water once a week is less likely to land you a catch than putting it in daily.

Why not choose 3 relevant daily affirmations and use them consistently for 90 days to see how your success rate improves?

2. Become Who You Want To Be

If you’re guilty of any of the points we mentioned early in the article then you should try looking forward and not backwards.


The law of attraction is a powerful law about positivity, make sure that you’re opening your mind to all positive possibilities and are open to change.

Throw your heart into the wind and run ahead to catch it again”

3. Your Subconscious Mind Is In Control

The key to a better life is to make sure that every part of you believes what you are trying to attract.

Daily affirmations are great but they must go deeper into your subconscious mind, as that is what is working while you are asleep.

The theory of how to manifest love is one thing, but yo truly manifest anything you must believe it to your core.

4. Focus Is Key

Goal setting is a fantastic tool. Once you know what you want it is much easier to begin manifesting it.

Set yourself a goal, write it down and if you feel yourself moving off target then remind yourself of it.

Simply by capturing your goals on paper and creating a plan to obtain them, you are 44% more likely to achieve them.

8 Ways To Make Laws Of Attraction Work For You

While manifesting, you may come across challenges. Here are some exercises you can do while you’re working with the Law of Attraction.

  1. Make a vision board
  2. Do a visualization meditation
  3. Write a gratitude list
  4. Practice mindfulness
  5. Practice kindness
  6. Be focused and intentional
  7. Repeat empowering affirmations
  8. Express yourself through movement

Everyone finds their own successes when it comes to how to manifest love.

Simply pick whichever ones suit you the best and stick to them for a minimum of 90 days for the best results.

The 12 Universal Laws You Need To Know

The law of attraction is a powerful way to enhance your life but it isn’t the only universal law, in fact, there are 12 of them.

Here they are according to the author of the best-selling bookThe 12 Universal Laws’, by David Daniel.

Each one of these universal laws has the power to teach you how to manifest love.

1. The Law of Universal One-ness

The first illusion that mankind believed, which set the course for much of the pain and anguish in the world, was that we are all separate.  

Everything in this Universe is connected.  

Every human being, every living animal, every tree, rock or even the grass that we walk on is all connected to the Source that makes up this divine matrix that we call the Universe. 

How To Manifest Love
How To Manifest Love

Therefore, whenever we make a choice and take an action or even think a thought it affects the matrix on some level.  

This may seem to be a lot of responsibility however when we live our life with an awareness of this interconnectivity we give ourselves the capacity to live our most divine lives.  

By knowing that we are all connected we come to understand the power of empathy which has the capacity to change the world.

2. The Law of Attraction

Let’s talk about this law next because so many have heard of it.  It was made famous by the best-selling sensation The Secret.  

The original version of this idea came from Wallace D. Wattles’The Science of Getting Rich’, written in 1910.  

Once again, our faith or belief is what actually powers our intentions.  What we think and feel deep inside of ourselves is reflected back to us in our physical world. 

I am sure you have heard that what we think is what we become.  In reality, what we believe is what we become.  Believe you have an abundant life, and so shall it be.  

No matter how many times you say, “I have an abundant life” if you don’t believe it in the deepest recesses of your soul it will not present itself in your physical reality.

3. The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe is vibrating at a subatomic level.  

Everything in this Universe carries with it a vibration that is unique to itself and carries constant movement and energy with it.  

At the level of particles everything is vibrating therefore high vibrating particles are attracted to other high vibrating particles while lower vibrating particles are attracted to lower vibrating particles.  

Everything in this Universe carries with it a vibration that is unique to itself and carries constant movement and energy with it.  

This is where the phrase “like attracts like ” comes from.  Literally, we are what we are vibrating.  We attract our tribe of fellow souls in this manner.  “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”  

Your friends will give you a really good snapshot of what your vibratory frequency is.  In order to change anything in your life you simply need to alter your frequency and by doing so you will attract a new vibration.

4. The Law of Correspondence

This law is directly related to the Law of Universal Oneness.  

Patterns repeat themselves throughout the Universe and the prominent patterns repeat themselves on smaller patterns.  

The key is to recognize these patterns in our own lives so that we can take action either towards continuing with the positive patterns or changing the patterns that no longer serve us.

5. The Law of Inspired Action

This is a very important law and is often the least utilized which frequently prevents the manifestation of the Law of Attraction.  

In order for our intentions to manifest we must take action towards making those intentions a reality in our physical world.  

Your actions must match your intentions and when your actions and intentions are aligned the possibility for instant manifestation arises. 

In short, we must take action towards making our dreams come true; they are not just going to magically arrive on our doorstep without some effort on our part. 

We must take the first step and then the Universe acts in accordance with our actions.  We take a step and the Universe responds.  

This is dancing the “two-step” with the Universe.  We stand still and the Universe stands still with us.  Through inspired action we make our dreams a reality.

6. The Law of Cause and Effect

This law is often referred to as the Law of Karma.  Whatever you put out into the world will return to you.  

This is a necessary law because it allows us to see how our actions affect other people.  No matter what we do to another person, be it a loving gesture or one that causes pain, that action will return to us in some manner.  

This law is directly aligned with the Law of Universal Oneness.  We are all connected, therefore everything we do to another we are actually doing to ourselves.

7. The Law of Compensation

This law is very similar in that it states that what you put out into the world will return to you, however the Law of Compensation goes a step further because it states that whatever is in your heart is what is returned to you.  

Words are powerful but our feelings and belief structures are actually what powers our ability to manifest our thoughts into existence.  

Since this Universe is made up of energy this law confirms that whatever our energy is will be compensated with like energy. 

How To Manifest Love
How To Manifest Love

For instance, if you do a good deed for someone but do so with resentment or in a negative manner what will actually be returned is the resentment and anger. 

If you hold love in your heart when you do these deeds, then love will be returned as compensation.

8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This law illustrates that everything in the Universe is constantly changing. Change is the only constant.  

The beautiful part of this law is the realization that no matter where you are in your life you have the ability and capacity to change it into exactly the life you want it to be.

9. The Law of Relativity

This law states that everything in the Universe is neutral when seen in isolation and it is only when we ascribe any meaning to anything that we see this reflected in our reality.  

There really is no “good” or “bad,” it is simply our impression that gives it those labels.  

The Universe is a blank canvas that projects our thoughts and beliefs back to us.  Our mind is like a movie projector and our thoughts are like the film that is fed through the projector.

Whatever we think is projected onto the blank canvas of the Universe and is shown back to us like the movie of our life.

If your thoughts are negative and filled with strife—a horror movie of sorts—this is what the Universe will reflect on its blank screen. 

If your thoughts are of love, compassion and kindness then this is the movie that will be reflected back to us.  

Allow the movie of your life to be a movie you would be proud to show the world.  Make it a masterpiece!

10. The Law of Gender

Everything in this Universe is comprised of both male and female energy which the Chinese refer to as yin and yang.  

Many people think that these are opposing forces when in reality they are complementary forces that cannot exist without one another.  

When the male and female energy combine together to make one unit of energy the yogis call this the highest form of yoga.  

A Divine Union is born that makes the pair greater than the sum of the parts.  

We see this in “power couples” who are stronger as a unit than they would be individually.  When complimentary energies unite the union has the power to change the world.

11. The Law of Polarity

Everything in this Universe has an opposite.  Happiness must have sadness, hot must have cold, up must have down and day must have night, for without each we would not be able to discern the difference.  

Each proverbial side of the coin is necessary in order to remember that we are one with the Universe.  

We must experience opposites which allows us to validate our choices on this plane.  Every opposite has value as a teaching construct that allows us the opportunity to create the life we desire. 

Everything in this Universe has an opposite.  Happiness must have sadness, hot must have cold, up must have down and day must have night for without each we would not be able to discern the difference.  

If the Universe were to choose for us it would eradicate our freewill and it is through freewill that we go on a journey to remember that we are all connected.  

We are given the choice of love or hate in order to realize the truth of the first Universal Law, the Law of Universal Oneness.

12. The Law of Rhythm

Everything has a cycle and a rhythm.  Life and death are forever linked, fall precedes winter which turns to spring and then summer, the moon waxes and wanes and we go through various seasons in our own lives. 

We may be married for years and then find ourselves single or having lived a life of abundance and one day find ourselves living in lack.

These are the natural cycles of the Universe. Understanding and acknowledging these cycles allows us to become unattached to any one state of life.  

The tides rise and then recede, and each is okay; it is only when we attach to one state over another that we bring discontentment into our lives.  

When we come to understand that all things change, we can come to a place of peace when they do – letting the law of rhythm so us exactly how to manifest love.

How To Manifest Love - The Bottom Line

As you’ve read, the law of attraction carries a powerful energy and can teach you everything you need to know about how to manifest love.

However, it must be used correctly and wholeheartedly in conjunction with the other laws of the universe – really committing yourself to the manifestation process is absolutely key to success.

If you can get your mind in the right place then anything you can perceive is possible. Anything.